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Ahhh, Autumn. October 24 2015

You know that fresh feeling you get at the start of a New Year, or at the start of a bright new season... Well I have that feeling in October. Completely unexpected! With the skies growing greyer I can literally feel my smile getting bigger; and for that I will tell you why. 

Lizzy's new space Make At 140 Vauxhall street is really starting to look funky and fresh. The walls have been painted, the floor has now also been painted, partitioning walls have been built, sample cakes have been made and the IKEA session has been done... It's just the last few bits and bobs coming together before it shall be opening... But just to tease you all, look at some of the cake we shall be supplying!


But with the transition into a new season feeling rather optimistic and noticeablely colder I thought I'd kick off Autumn by showing you some of our gorgeous Autumnal buttons. Of course, it wouldn't truly be Autumn without some Halloween themed buttons! We have two shanked buttons; one being a Halloween Pumpkin looking displeased with someone or something, and the other a black cat for all you spooky cat lovers! Click on the image to be directed to our website to buy the lovelies! 

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The next few buttons on my Autumnal list are buttons that very much remind me of the falling leaves and all of the autumn colours. Nothing better than kicking through some colourful crispy leaves, click the image to get taken to each of the buttons.

cocococo coco2coco4


As always; share the button love, do what makes you happy and keep warm. Big button love, Beth. 

World Count Your Buttons Day!!! October 08 2015

You want a holiday dedicated to just counting your buttons? One day a year you can cherish and count each and everyone of your buttons?! WELL IT'S HERE! And to help you all celebrate we're gonna rock your world with some buttony facts and even throw in a cheeky Count Your Buttons holiday prize!!

There is no real history of how people have celebrated World Count Your Buttons Day, nor has it been documented anywhere how long this quirky little holiday has been happening, or why it was even created! But the holiday is a holiday so kick back with us and enjoy some button counting fun. 

DID YOU KNOW... That Charles Dickens wrote an article in 1852 on the art and the science of button making titled "What There Is In A Button"

DID YOU KNOW... Steve Jobs had Koumpounophobia (which is the fear of buttons) hence why our lovely modern technologies don't have buttons! All because of a fear of the colourful little ones!!!

DID YOU KNOW... Our most expensive button in the shop is £12.00 and is made from Czech glass!!! Fancy. 

To honour this wonderfully quirky holiday Funky Poppy are giving away this tube of buttons!! To win this tube of buttons all you simply need to do is guess the amount of buttons that are in the tube! The winner will win the tube and will get a mention on our Facebook page! To enter the competition email us with your name, the amount of buttons you guess to be in the tube! info@funkypoppy.com


We hope you're having a fabulous day, and that you enjoy this little holiday!

lots of button love, Beth :)

We're not moving - we are growing! September 28 2015

A few of you lovely people follow me on Facebook and so will have seen the previous posts about "Exciting news" and "Watch this space" sorry to have kept you waiting here it is. 

We are expanding!

I have just got the keys to our brand new premises! It's just so exciting and I can't wait to show you where it is and what it will be called, but all in good time. 

It is as I have been saying for a while now, going to be fabulous a place where you can come to find unusual fabrics, have a cup of coffee and  some yummy cake and learn a new skill in our workshop area.

I will for now leave you with a little photo of me with the keys, I'm just so excited. 

Neeeeeew buttons?!?!?! YES PLEASE. September 21 2015

As many of you lovelies know - as of August I no longer work full time in Funky Poppy (which makes me a little sad). But the one thing that fills me with stupid amounts of joy is coming in too see all of the new buttons Lizzy has been collecting while I have been in college. 

This week coming in for the weekend I have noticed more than a fair share of new lovely buttons that I just HAVE to dedicate a blog post too. 

To begin, I'm going to start with my personal favourites! We finally have a beautiful bee button in the shop! Made out of plastic but it has an antique brass feel too it and is shanked. I can imagine these buttons looking gorgeous in unique pieces of artwork and they'd really lift an outfit to a whole new level. 


The second button that I have to mention as I know it is Lizzy's favourite button. Our new goldfish in a bowl button! This button is also shanked, it is see-through and blue with the most adorable little fish swimming about in the transparent blue! This button would be ideal for kids clothing, and maybe some cheeky scrapbooking! 


My next choice, is again another favourite of mine (I'm getting a little bias by the looks of things...) But this Flamingo button is exactly what you need. For everything! With a lot of big retail stores selling tropical themed things, the flamingo has made its way comfortably back into our world on printed fabrics, ornaments. I've even seen a flamingo light... So why not add too this with our funky new Flamingos!


We even have a new selection of groovy patterned plastic buttons to get your mouth watering! Click on the images to get directed straight to the button page on our website too collect yourself some of these beauties!

5bb558f821d69a0aae883c5034636f43702d8c3f 123f3b0fa55a3e1bae345e6dbbfe40a6d7015d25


I'm still really eager to view all of the creative work our customers make, so please don't be afraid to email your creations to info@funkypoppy.com so we can feature you and your creations in our blog posts!

Have a beyond fabulous day! Beth x



The Magic World of Button Changing - The Little Black Dress August 21 2015

As many of you know Lizzy started her button venture by simply swapping buttons on her clothes for cool ones that she had found in a plea to rejuvenate her wardrobe... And almost five years later here she is with simply the best button shop in Plymouth (arguably its the only one; but we're still better)

We now want to add a feature to make you feel a little more comfortable/inspired to create your own button masterpieces with some quick inspiration from us. So, we begin with black. One of the most versatile shades that you can put your own stamp all over. Here is the dress we started with, a charity shop find (this is also a great idea if you want a new summery wardrobe but you don't want to spend the world)

We started with this plain black high necked dress with three buttons along the front - these buttons are black and fabric covered which is a little un-inspiring.

IMG_4912 IMG_4913

The first step is too decide what you need this item of clothing for - if you want something bright and colourful, why not mix it up? Why stick with the same colour buttons, the same shape?! Lizzy & I put these ideas together for a brighter summery casual dress

IMG_4919 IMG_4920 IMG_4926

Don't ever be scared too add more than one colour to a black dress - there is pretty much no way you can go wrong. And why not just use the buttons as decoration? They don't HAVE to be near a functioning button hole.

If you have a statement colour go for it! Like we have with this lovely turquoise number -

dress cropped

We've added these buttons all the way down the front as it gives the dress a whole new lease of life.

If you're fan of statement jewellery why not add some sparkle straight to your dress rather than bog your neck down with all of those necklaces?!

IMG_4918 IMG_4916 IMG_4914

- here we've used statement swaroksi crystal buttons, our steampunk large silver buttons and some black and glittery buttons. This is perrrrrfect for making your newly bought dress a complete evening dress without stretching your pocket!

It's all about having unique clothing you feel comfortable in, here are two other ideas we had.

IMG_4922 IMG_4923 IMG_4927

We used these sixites style flower buttons because the dress has a sixites style cut too it which bought the inspiration for that. We also have fallen in love with our raindrop coconut shell buttons this month so we thought we'd sneak them into our brain storm.


Be creative, colourful, sparkly, or whatever you want to be with confidence. We are open 10:30 - 5 Monday - Saturday and 12:00 pm - 4 pm on a Sunday so we're always available to help you make choices that are going to look and make you feel amazing.

You can also email us pictures of clothes you'd like to re-button if you're not feeling confident enough to re-button on your own! Expect another dress next week with a bit of a twist - it's RED.

Our Button Summer August 19 2015


So here it is, time for Summer. And with our lovely indecisive summer weather us Brits need summery clothes that are as easy layer-able as they are to wear on their own. Tank tops, strappy tops, cami's whatever you'd like too call them are a piece of clothing I personally think should be cherished all year around. But summer time with a thin little kimono on top, that's how too keep my fair skin out of the sun.

Today, I found a beautifully bright tank top in a charity shop on my hunt for a summery themed strapped top for our button rejuvenation. This week I really want to put the focus on catching the summer sun with the buttons; using shells, glittery buttons and maybe even glass to give a rustic summery shine to our rather bold strapped top.


For summery themed buttons, I love using coconut shell. Coconut shell is awfully hard wearing and looks insane on pretty much any colour, its the same with cream shell buttons, they reflect the light and colours so beautifully you can essentially use them for anything!

I wanted to create a one strap button cluster that worked it's way down the right breast. I was thinking highly of how bright the sun is today and wanted something to dazzle other people, and that may even blind them. I wanted to use the small shell cream buttons and the larger ones with coconut shell buttons to create layers with my buttony goodness. I chose some small glittery white buttons with two holes, the cream shell buttons and two sizes of the coconut shell flower buttons that we use a lot for our Fleur range of jewellery.

 IMG_5339 IMG_5341

I built up my clusters in groups of three of the buttons to create and even looking spread. I ensured the buttons were closer together on the strap and then separated them over the top of the right breast. I even layered coconut shell on top of shell to add more depth to my strappy top.



Second of all I wanted to create something more designed and make more of a scene of the breast area to create detailing to look at. I added four plastic orange and pink flowery buttons to the collar (the pink didn't match up perfectly but the pink and orange in the  button mixed together was the colour of the strappy top), I then added two small bird buttons to either side of the flowery buttons to make it look like the birds were tweeting to each other. The salmon-pink-orange colour of the top matched really well with wooden buttons, so I added a wooden flower middle feature button and a row of brown four holed buttons too achieve a wooden flowery summery look. You can really create a scene with buttons on a t-shirt/strappy top, adding birds, flowers, and even dinosaurs! All sorts!


The third idea I had was simply just random. Random colours, random shapes, and just random buttons. These buttons have a lot of the plastic cut out of them which gives them a holey cheese / cartwheel effect buttons. So no matter what button I put on the t shirt the salmon-pink colour shined through which made the buttons match a little more effectively. I literally wanted this one too look uber random so I popped them were I wanted on the top and then incorporated some polka dot and striped buttons to really make the top look random. This is a fabulous idea for children's clothes too. Nothing better than unique clothing on the playground.

Please get creative and show us all your lovely ideas and buttony goodness-bits either on Facebook or through our email info@funkypoppy.com.