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So here it is, time for Summer. And with our lovely indecisive summer weather us Brits need summery clothes that are as easy layer-able as they are to wear on their own. Tank tops, strappy tops, cami's whatever you'd like too call them are a piece of clothing I personally think should be cherished all year around. But summer time with a thin little kimono on top, that's how too keep my fair skin out of the sun.

Today, I found a beautifully bright tank top in a charity shop on my hunt for a summery themed strapped top for our button rejuvenation. This week I really want to put the focus on catching the summer sun with the buttons; using shells, glittery buttons and maybe even glass to give a rustic summery shine to our rather bold strapped top.


For summery themed buttons, I love using coconut shell. Coconut shell is awfully hard wearing and looks insane on pretty much any colour, its the same with cream shell buttons, they reflect the light and colours so beautifully you can essentially use them for anything!

I wanted to create a one strap button cluster that worked it's way down the right breast. I was thinking highly of how bright the sun is today and wanted something to dazzle other people, and that may even blind them. I wanted to use the small shell cream buttons and the larger ones with coconut shell buttons to create layers with my buttony goodness. I chose some small glittery white buttons with two holes, the cream shell buttons and two sizes of the coconut shell flower buttons that we use a lot for our Fleur range of jewellery.

 IMG_5339 IMG_5341

I built up my clusters in groups of three of the buttons to create and even looking spread. I ensured the buttons were closer together on the strap and then separated them over the top of the right breast. I even layered coconut shell on top of shell to add more depth to my strappy top.



Second of all I wanted to create something more designed and make more of a scene of the breast area to create detailing to look at. I added four plastic orange and pink flowery buttons to the collar (the pink didn't match up perfectly but the pink and orange in the  button mixed together was the colour of the strappy top), I then added two small bird buttons to either side of the flowery buttons to make it look like the birds were tweeting to each other. The salmon-pink-orange colour of the top matched really well with wooden buttons, so I added a wooden flower middle feature button and a row of brown four holed buttons too achieve a wooden flowery summery look. You can really create a scene with buttons on a t-shirt/strappy top, adding birds, flowers, and even dinosaurs! All sorts!


The third idea I had was simply just random. Random colours, random shapes, and just random buttons. These buttons have a lot of the plastic cut out of them which gives them a holey cheese / cartwheel effect buttons. So no matter what button I put on the t shirt the salmon-pink colour shined through which made the buttons match a little more effectively. I literally wanted this one too look uber random so I popped them were I wanted on the top and then incorporated some polka dot and striped buttons to really make the top look random. This is a fabulous idea for children's clothes too. Nothing better than unique clothing on the playground.

Please get creative and show us all your lovely ideas and buttony goodness-bits either on Facebook or through our email info@funkypoppy.com.

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