The Magic World of Button Changing - The Little Black Dress

As many of you know Lizzy started her button venture by simply swapping buttons on her clothes for cool ones that she had found in a plea to rejuvenate her wardrobe... And almost five years later here she is with simply the best button shop in Plymouth (arguably its the only one; but we're still better)

We now want to add a feature to make you feel a little more comfortable/inspired to create your own button masterpieces with some quick inspiration from us. So, we begin with black. One of the most versatile shades that you can put your own stamp all over. Here is the dress we started with, a charity shop find (this is also a great idea if you want a new summery wardrobe but you don't want to spend the world)

We started with this plain black high necked dress with three buttons along the front - these buttons are black and fabric covered which is a little un-inspiring.

IMG_4912 IMG_4913

The first step is too decide what you need this item of clothing for - if you want something bright and colourful, why not mix it up? Why stick with the same colour buttons, the same shape?! Lizzy & I put these ideas together for a brighter summery casual dress

IMG_4919 IMG_4920 IMG_4926

Don't ever be scared too add more than one colour to a black dress - there is pretty much no way you can go wrong. And why not just use the buttons as decoration? They don't HAVE to be near a functioning button hole.

If you have a statement colour go for it! Like we have with this lovely turquoise number -

dress cropped

We've added these buttons all the way down the front as it gives the dress a whole new lease of life.

If you're fan of statement jewellery why not add some sparkle straight to your dress rather than bog your neck down with all of those necklaces?!

IMG_4918 IMG_4916 IMG_4914

- here we've used statement swaroksi crystal buttons, our steampunk large silver buttons and some black and glittery buttons. This is perrrrrfect for making your newly bought dress a complete evening dress without stretching your pocket!

It's all about having unique clothing you feel comfortable in, here are two other ideas we had.

IMG_4922 IMG_4923 IMG_4927

We used these sixites style flower buttons because the dress has a sixites style cut too it which bought the inspiration for that. We also have fallen in love with our raindrop coconut shell buttons this month so we thought we'd sneak them into our brain storm.


Be creative, colourful, sparkly, or whatever you want to be with confidence. We are open 10:30 - 5 Monday - Saturday and 12:00 pm - 4 pm on a Sunday so we're always available to help you make choices that are going to look and make you feel amazing.

You can also email us pictures of clothes you'd like to re-button if you're not feeling confident enough to re-button on your own! Expect another dress next week with a bit of a twist - it's RED.

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