Neeeeeew buttons?!?!?! YES PLEASE.

As many of you lovelies know - as of August I no longer work full time in Funky Poppy (which makes me a little sad). But the one thing that fills me with stupid amounts of joy is coming in too see all of the new buttons Lizzy has been collecting while I have been in college. 

This week coming in for the weekend I have noticed more than a fair share of new lovely buttons that I just HAVE to dedicate a blog post too. 

To begin, I'm going to start with my personal favourites! We finally have a beautiful bee button in the shop! Made out of plastic but it has an antique brass feel too it and is shanked. I can imagine these buttons looking gorgeous in unique pieces of artwork and they'd really lift an outfit to a whole new level. 


The second button that I have to mention as I know it is Lizzy's favourite button. Our new goldfish in a bowl button! This button is also shanked, it is see-through and blue with the most adorable little fish swimming about in the transparent blue! This button would be ideal for kids clothing, and maybe some cheeky scrapbooking! 


My next choice, is again another favourite of mine (I'm getting a little bias by the looks of things...) But this Flamingo button is exactly what you need. For everything! With a lot of big retail stores selling tropical themed things, the flamingo has made its way comfortably back into our world on printed fabrics, ornaments. I've even seen a flamingo light... So why not add too this with our funky new Flamingos!


We even have a new selection of groovy patterned plastic buttons to get your mouth watering! Click on the images to get directed straight to the button page on our website too collect yourself some of these beauties!

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I'm still really eager to view all of the creative work our customers make, so please don't be afraid to email your creations to so we can feature you and your creations in our blog posts!

Have a beyond fabulous day! Beth x



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