World Count Your Buttons Day!!!

You want a holiday dedicated to just counting your buttons? One day a year you can cherish and count each and everyone of your buttons?! WELL IT'S HERE! And to help you all celebrate we're gonna rock your world with some buttony facts and even throw in a cheeky Count Your Buttons holiday prize!!

There is no real history of how people have celebrated World Count Your Buttons Day, nor has it been documented anywhere how long this quirky little holiday has been happening, or why it was even created! But the holiday is a holiday so kick back with us and enjoy some button counting fun. 

DID YOU KNOW... That Charles Dickens wrote an article in 1852 on the art and the science of button making titled "What There Is In A Button"

DID YOU KNOW... Steve Jobs had Koumpounophobia (which is the fear of buttons) hence why our lovely modern technologies don't have buttons! All because of a fear of the colourful little ones!!!

DID YOU KNOW... Our most expensive button in the shop is £12.00 and is made from Czech glass!!! Fancy. 

To honour this wonderfully quirky holiday Funky Poppy are giving away this tube of buttons!! To win this tube of buttons all you simply need to do is guess the amount of buttons that are in the tube! The winner will win the tube and will get a mention on our Facebook page! To enter the competition email us with your name, the amount of buttons you guess to be in the tube!


We hope you're having a fabulous day, and that you enjoy this little holiday!

lots of button love, Beth :)

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