Ahhh, Autumn.

You know that fresh feeling you get at the start of a New Year, or at the start of a bright new season... Well I have that feeling in October. Completely unexpected! With the skies growing greyer I can literally feel my smile getting bigger; and for that I will tell you why. 

Lizzy's new space Make At 140 Vauxhall street is really starting to look funky and fresh. The walls have been painted, the floor has now also been painted, partitioning walls have been built, sample cakes have been made and the IKEA session has been done... It's just the last few bits and bobs coming together before it shall be opening... But just to tease you all, look at some of the cake we shall be supplying!


But with the transition into a new season feeling rather optimistic and noticeablely colder I thought I'd kick off Autumn by showing you some of our gorgeous Autumnal buttons. Of course, it wouldn't truly be Autumn without some Halloween themed buttons! We have two shanked buttons; one being a Halloween Pumpkin looking displeased with someone or something, and the other a black cat for all you spooky cat lovers! Click on the image to be directed to our website to buy the lovelies! 

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The next few buttons on my Autumnal list are buttons that very much remind me of the falling leaves and all of the autumn colours. Nothing better than kicking through some colourful crispy leaves, click the image to get taken to each of the buttons.

cocococo coco2coco4


As always; share the button love, do what makes you happy and keep warm. Big button love, Beth. 

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