Colour Block Billie Dress

I have been dreaming about sewing a geometric type jumper for ages and then decided to make it a Billie dress instead. 
I wanted the clean lines and triangle shapes with lots of different off cuts of jersey. I think the hardest part was deciding which Jersey to put together! 
Fabric choosing
I did a bit of research and loved the blog post by MadebyLIESL 
This really helped me with the pattern blocking. 
I decided not to do pockets on this version just because I didn't want extra bulk and I think there was quite a bit of detail in the dress anyway. 
This was a fun project, I took the front pattern piece, in paper form of the dress and cut it into the shapes I was looking for. Then transferred them to the fabric adding the seam allowance I had decided on
Paper pattern
Before sewing the seams together I decided to pop some iron on seam tape so that I wouldn't stretch them out whilst sewing and this really worked and helped and doesn't add any weight or bulk to the seams. 
Seam tape seam tape
I cut the pieces into three section so there wouldn't be any tricky corners and then sewed these all together to form the front panel. 
The rest of the dress went together like a normal billie dress. 
I also chose alternative cuffs just because. 
What do you think? 
I great sew and soooo easy to wear. 
The billie colourblock jumper dress
The billie dress
Lastly a very Merry Christmas to you all. 
We are open 
Wed 29th Dec 10 - 4pm 
Thurs 30th Dec 10 - 4pm
then Closed until the New Year. 
We have had, as you all have, an interesting year but we are still here and we have you to thank for that.
You have made this year awesome and we hope that 2022 brings you all of your sewing desires. 

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