Exciting times for Make at 140 in 2019

Exciting times, 2019 for Make at 140 is looking good!


I am really excited to say we are opening a new Make at 140 shop. We have really fitted in well in Ocean Studios in Royal William Yard and are so excited to say that RIO (Real Ideas Organisation), have found us a permanent shop.  Taking note that our pop-up shops were popular, they decided to make space for us in the old bakehouse stores and move the stores into the café area. RIO have great plans here at Ocean Studios and I am excited to see how it grows.


The new Make at 140 shop will be open 5 days a week Wednesday – Sunday 10 am – 5 pm, this will run alongside our already growing offering of creative workshops we have here at Ocean Studios. We are growing our offering in the shop with a Merchant and Mills order on its way. New fabrics are also coming from Kokka, Lillestoff and Paapii designs and we are always looking to grow our independent pattern offering along with our huge button selection.


Now for the personal bit…………

Last year was a pretty tough year for me, I closed my gorgeous Café which housed all three aspects of the business in the lovely Old Morgue. It was a very tough decision, but in the end it came down to if it was a viable business, and unfortunately it wasn’t.


I wasn’t ready to give up on Make at 140 though, I kept the 140 part of the name so I always remember where I started.

We looked at all different options and eventually found a home here at Ocean Studios. We have had a temporary workshop/shop space in the artist studios and pop up shops in the column bakehouse with the fabrics, buttons etc which has been a great success. My fabulous customers have followed and supported me all the way, coming to the pop ups and booking onto workshops.


For me the one thing that was missing was the day to day enjoyment of seeing all of you lovely lot! When RIO decided to move the stores they asked me if I’d be interested, YES I said, and that’s it!


The next chapter of the Make at 140 is here.


I know it’s not what we had before but we still have every aspect, great coffee and cake from the bakehouse café, the creative workshops we run here and now we have the shop available again. Come and browse the shop then chill out in the café whilst browsing the workshop list, Perfect!


When it will all happen?

I am taking a few weeks out and heading off for a bit of chill time and when I return I will be opening on Wednesday 20th February at 10 am.


See you then.



  • Jessica Halford

    Yay! So happy you will be easy to come and annoy Lizzy xx

  • Haha Johnson

    Hi Lizzie Good Luck it’s looking good. Will be down in Aug so will pop along. Xx

  • Debbie

    Congratulations, glad you now have a permanent shop again. Hope to see you soon :-)

  • Nicola

    Absolutely fantastic news Lizzy – I am so happy for you, but for us too, as it means that we will be able to come and browse, purchase and natter more often!

    Here’s to the next chapter of Make at 140 😁😊

  • Gia

    This is fabulous news indeed Lizzie, so looking forward to popping in once again…😊💖

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