I Made another Zadie!

I know I am addicted aren’t it, but honestly I have found my pattern and I love it.

The Zadie Jumpsuit

This one though I want to make it more summery so I did a hack! I used a mid-weight denim as this is what my fav Zadie is made from already and I wanted it to be wearable more often than a lighter weight fabric (I find a lighter weight fabric will wear out quicker with me and my legs).

To start with I played around with drafting my own top pattern but I wasn’t having much luck, I just couldn’t get the shaping right.

 ogden cami

I remembered the Ogden cami larger size pattern I made last year and thought that couldn’t work. I used the Ogden cami top and then continued the line of the neckline down to join up with the wrap over of the Zadie.

I made the straps wider on the top so that I could continue the bias binding through and also add bias binding to finish the sleeve.

 My toile

I made a toile too, I think this needed it considering I was playing around with two different patterns.

I am really pleased with the results, it is quite lowish on the bust but I am quite happy with that for social occasions I have popped a hook and eye to keep my modesty and for work I have whizzed up a wardrobe by me tee to go underneath and I love it.

The back of my Zadie Ogden Hack

More photos below.........

I have made the length just under the knee so that it is nice a summery and easy to wear.

If I was to make it again I might bring the front across slightly so that it isn’t so exposing possibly but I do really like the shape across my bust.


The Zadie Ogden hack with a tee underneath My Zadie Ogden hack and tee
Ogden Zadie hack


This will be my new favourite jumpsuit in the summer.


Zadie ogden hack



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