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I appreciate on a newsletter not everyone wants to hear me babble all about how everything is going in the Make world so a separate little blog post is perfect.


Warning….. This is not s sewing blog post, this is a me chatting about Covid, life and Make.

I know many of you can say this but 2020 Really has been a bit of a s*%te year to me, I won’t go into details, that’s not my style, but it has been really, really tough, then along comes a Pandemic! Hummmm could it get any worse.


But over the lockdown, I was lucky, I had a garden, a man and a sewing machine, it was ok. We continued on through life doing what we needed to do to survive.


Don’t get me wrong it has been such an odd 6 months, but it has for me been a time of thoughtful sewing and time to really reflect.


This year with everything that has happened and with time to reflect is has really made me realise what is important in life,


A healthy work life balance.


So that is it, how I will be moving forward with Make.

I have always put the business first, before ANYTHING but now it's time to make Life just as important as Make. 


I don’t want people to think that this is me chilling out or taking a back step it is not but it is me taking more time to spend it with my family, my friends and to do maybe some more slow thoughtful projects rather than constantly rushing ALL the time.

We will be offering just the same amazing service, gorgeous fabrics, fantastic workshops and all-round great offering from Make at 140 but just not 7 days a week in the form of the shop.

We will be offering this on our website of course but the shop at Royal William Yard might not always be open all the time. Check the website, we will always update that with our opening hours and follow us on Social media to keep in touch.


I absolutely love seeing everyone when they come in the shop and have really missed you all but these last few weeks being open just a few days really proves to me that for my type of shop specific opening hours do work. We are all getting used to checking when somewhere may or may not be open and that is just becoming the norm.

One thing I will promise, I will try and be consistent.


I hope you can all understand and that this hasn’t been too confusing I just wanted to share with you all where I am and where we are with Make.


Thanks for reading my babble 




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