Me Made May 2020 Week One

Its been the first week of memademay2020 and this time I decided rather than bombard you all with photos of me every day on Make’s feed I would pop together a summary of the week in a blog, that way if you want to see my silly face over and over again then you can but it’s not forced on you.

I made a MeMadeMay pledge over on Instagram and that was a couple of makes which I will get started this weekend so we don’t have a repeat of last year.

I would like to make a shirt style dress after being inspired by Liz’s on the Great British sewing bee I have chosen the Shelby Dress by True Bias. Now I know it doesn’t have lots of technical shirt aspects but I think this will ease me in gently, I’m not a shirt wearer so have decided when I do make a shirt it will definitely not be for me but a gift.

The second pledge was to make the Emerson pants which I have wanted to make for ages, another True Bias Pattern.

Emerson Trouser pattern Shelby Dress Pattern

Lastly to wear me made every day, which I do anyway because I genuinely love everything I make.


So here you go my week in outfits I hope you enjoy.

Friday 1st May

This was the best launch to MeMadeMay with my last years slow sew my Glide Jacket by Made It Patterns…. I haven’t had much chance to wear this jacket yet what with not going out much and the weather but when I have had the chance I have loved it. You can read all about this sew in my last blog here


Saturday 2nd May

We were lucky enough to get our reserved pizza from Knead Pizza last week (a po-up sourdough pizza maker who sold out very quickly) so we had to go on a little pick up mission. Sun was shining so while we waited I perched and Mr V clicked, I have one of my Ogden cami Hack dresses on here made in Black Crepe by Atelier Brunette, such beautiful fabric. I have lengthened the overall dress and made the straps wider to cover my bra straps. Very wearable and summery.

 Ogden Cami in atelier brunette crepe

Sunday 3rd May

I took my new Toaster sweater by Sew House Seven for a spin as it was quite a bit cooler.

I have made this a few times before, all as gifts, but wanted one for myself. I have had these wings for quite a while now and couldn’t decide what to sew/iron them on to. Toaster sweater in this heavyish sweatshirt fabric I have had in my stash for ages.

I realized when I came to make it that I only had one metre! Argh! But this was super wide, so I cut it short maybe 2 inches, made the bottom band half the width and didn’t have cuffs and it worked out really well. It does help that I am pretty short, hehe!

 Toaster sweater with wings

Toaster sweater front Toaster sweater

Monday 4th May

A day in the shop and also a couple of deliveries and so I popped on my Sallie Jumpsuit in my Lady McElroy cobra corsage. Such a comfortable wear and I will definitely be making another one. I snuck in a little photo session on one of my deliveries too, of which I cannot seems to upload so having to re-use a photo of my jumpsuit!

 My Sallie Jumpsuit

Tuesday 5th May

My trustie Coco dress for another day in the shop. This still remains one of my favourite ever dresses, it’s a lillestoff, organic cotton denim like jersey, I have more jersey from Lillestoff due any day now and as small bolts of only 6 metres I know they won’t hang around. I can’t wait. These images are from just a few of the times I have worm this dress because it wears and washes so well and although on Tuesday I posted a video in the coco apparently I forgot to take a photo. Promise I'll do better next week.

COCO DRESS IN lillestoffCoco dress close up

Wednesday 6th May

This top was my Cashmerette toile of the webster dress/top and this one was on and off for the afternoon while I got the fit right.
I found I measured a 14 so that is the one I went for but it came up very big, I took in the sides by about 3 cm each side, which is fine for the toile as it’s a comfy top I will wear at home but the darts are now definitely not in the right place. I have already re-traced a size 12 and hopefully that will be a better fit. I am going to try it again this weekend I think.

 Cashmerette top Cashmerette top

Thursday 7th May

I sneaked a selfie whilst in the supermarket shopping queue wearing my Tilly and the Buttons Bettine Dress in a peach skin fabric I picked up in a fellow fabric shop. I was also wearing my favourite Morris Blazer which is in a plain black ponte roma. The Morris Blazer is a grainline studio pattern suiting medium weight knit fabrics. I love it because it’s like a smarter cardigan, comfortable to wear but smart at the same time. If anyone is interested the amazing brooch I have on is by a French embroidery company Macon & Lesquoy, so many beautiful and funky designs you should check them out.

 Bettine dress & Morris blazer

Friday 8th May

It was a bank holiday this Friday and VE Day, Mr V and I spent the day in the garden and had a BBQ in the evening with lots of chatter about where our grandparents would have been and what they would have been up to on that day. I saw lots of people doing there own celebrations with street parties and such so we had our own little celebration. Of course you have to have a frock on for a celebration and so I wore my Grainline Studio Willow Tank dress in Lady McElory cotton lawn.

 my willow tank dress

That’s my weekly round up.

I hope you have enjoyed reading and seeing what I have been wearing. I'll be back again next week.

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