Me Made May - Day 10 I forgot to eat lunch!

I forgot to eat lunch today! And for those who know me will be amazed by this fact, that has never happened before. I spent a few hours today on my Range Backpack which is my 3rd thing I am making this month. I am hooked!

The range backpack pattern

I can honestly say I have been addicted to this project, when the pattern was delivered to Make I knew I wanted to make this bag but I have been putting it off as I knew I needed to concentrate on it. But this month has given me the chance!

Then came the fabric choosing, the pattern suggests all different fabrics but I wanted to use an oil skin, and of course I knew the place to get that, Merchant and Mills! Look at this gorgeous package when it arrived a week or two ago.

Merchant and Mills fabric delivery

I sought out the metal parts for the bag at and when they arrived they were a lovely quality and I knew they were perfect.

u handbag

Then it was time to look at the pattern, I didn’t realise with bag patterns you don’t actually get a pattern, but lots of measurements! I started to draw out the pattern on Tissue paper and then I realised it wasn’t going to be worth it, the paper was just too soft compared to the fabric I chose, so I decided to use calico, which turned out to be perfect…………

The Calico Pattern pieces

More to follow in a blog soon.

Button earrings and the daisy dress

As for my handmade item today, I wore two, my gorgeous button earrings and the Daisy Dress which I made for a wedding show a year or two ago. I have another of the daisy dresses which I’m sure I will wear before the month is up and so I will tell all about this pattern then.

The daisy dress

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