Me Made May Day 16 - The Coco Again

The coco dress

I think this is my favourite coco dress in fact I was happy it was a little cooler and a bit rainy today so I could wear it for my mmmay outfit.

Made with the beautiful French Terry Dazzle night by Atelier Brunette it is sooooooo comfortable to wear.

Dazzle night fabric

Using the same pattern I have for all my coco’s but of course with a few adjustments.

Because this fabric is so lovely and snuggly I thought I wanted to make this more of a jumper dress rather than one with a kick out at the bottom like the original coco dress. I made sure I also had enough fabric to make it slightly longer too.

The coco favourite

With the fabric washed and ready to go I cut into it and oooooooooo it was so lovely, gorgeous to sew with and I couldn’t wait to wear it.

The cuffs went on wonderfully but then it came to by bottom cuff to make it jumper like. I pinned it three times, each time taking more and more out of it so that it really did come in at the bottom. Its started out just too big and kind of didn’t sit right, so each time I’d pin and check! Good job too as I would have had to unpick quite a lot.

A cuff to the bottom

Finally getting it right I made the final sew and Ta Da!!!

My favourite coco dress to date

My favourite coco dress to date.

We always have this workshop going in the workshop with the next date 27th May.

Check out the details here 

We also have the gorgeous dazzle night French terry back in stock which usually doesn’t hang around long so oggle over it here

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  • Maggie

    Love the jumper dress idea. May have to Nick it!!

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