Me Made May Day 24 and 25 the Afternoon blouse dress and the daisy dress top

Me Made May Day 24 and 25

Can you believe I forgot to post yesterday. I took my photo and everything but I didn’t get around to writing about it.

the Afternoon Blouse Dress

Day 24

The Afternoon blouse dress by Jennifer lauren handmade.

This is the second time I have used this pattern, making a top the first time I decided to make a dress. The fabric is actually a vintage hand me down and I think it is probably a viscose.

A great little pattern and I love the back detail with the little tuck which draws it in.

The Afternoon blouse dress

I did have problems around the necklace again with this one but I have since decided it is because I have quite a short body and next time I will take it up at the shoulders rather than at the front detail as this will be a lot easier and look better.

I do really like the in seam pockets on this dress, a perfect size and position for me.

The Afternoon Dress pocket

Day 25

This is the lovely daisy dress top which I have previously blogged about before, a downloaded pattern bought on Etsy made up with a lovely Art Gallery cotton and a funky contrast bias.

The Daisy Dress top

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