Me Made May Day 26 - The Willow Tank Dress

This is one of my favourite makes this month even though it was a little frustrating. 

The willow tank dress

As you may have guessed in my blogs that the tank is a really favourite shape for me, something which doesn’t have any gathers, any waist or any shape, well kind of. The Grainline Studio’s Willow tank was on my radar, and when the Lady Mc’Elroy fabric arrived I knew I was making the willow in some of this gorgeous fabric.

the willow tank dress

I measured the pattern and made the size according to my size, washed and cut out the fabric, then got to work. I had it all sewn together and get to the trying on stage, I hadn’t attached the bias binding but I had popped the top and the bottom together and added the pleat, it was looking great.

the willow tank

I then popped it on, but it was far too big, this has been happening a lot to me recently, despite me making the correct size it just comes up big. I did think, maybe I could get away with it but when I pulled it in, it looked so much better, so decided to up pick the top and bottom and then take it in.

I am so glad I did, the shape it has I love, the style and the pleat are great and I will definitely make this one again! Just maybe in a smaller size!

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