Me Made May Day 27 - The Morris Blazer

The Morris Blazer

Now this was one of my four garments I had to make this month, a challenge, something I had never made before.  

I have wanted to make the Morris Blazer by Grainline Studio for about 2 years, I think I have had the fabric ready and washed for about that time too. From the Morris blazer I kind of saw a smarter cardi, I wear cardigans a lot in work and wanted to look slightly smarter and this is perfect. Made in a nice quality Ponte roma, for me in black it was ideal.

Having the fabric washed and ready meant I could really whizz with this one, and I think I had this made and finished in the first week of May, I havent taken it off since.

What I liked about the pattern, I loved after chatting with different people who had made the Morris about the Hong Kong seam at the back, which was great, it really finishes off the jacket when you’re not wearing it.  It also meant I got to use one of the fabulous bias binding feet for the brother sewing machine, so great and easy to use and means I only needed to sew once along the bias binding.

Morris blazer hong kong seam Hong kong seam

I found attaching the collar a little difficult, just making sure I didn’t catch too much in the machine and it was all falling right. In regards to the collar and front facing, it is all one piece, once it is attached it needed a good pressing to get the right folds etc and I did find that after wearing it for a little while the front flapped open and exposed the interfacing sometimes, which I found really annoying. I tried a bit on Bondaweb, but this didn’t work so in the end I stitched a top stich all the way down and I am really happy with this finish. I almost think it makes it look even more professional.

The inside of the Morris blazer

The other part I wasn’t in love with was the sleeve length, now I am quite short and so are my arms but it wasn’t quite ¾ length and it wasn’t long, now since I made it I have discovered the length is actually supposed to be bracelet length. I know I could have made it longer and it has taken me quite a while to get used to this length but now I like it. If I made it again I might make it longer or even a little shorter but I love my new Morris Blazer and have worn it quite a bit since making it.

Now to find lots of fabulous different fabrics to make more in! 😊

The morris blazer

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