Me Made May Day 28 – The Range Backpack

The Range Backpack made by me

I have been looking out for the perfect backpack for years, the right colour, the right size and right shape!

I found the range backpack pattern for the shop (well I say its for the shop but really it was for me) and had to get it in. Me Made May has made me make this bag so thank you all for that!

The Range Backpack by Noodlehead

I think this bag can look very different in all different fabrics, much like clothing, so it was a big decision deciding which fabric to use. I wanted my bag to be waterproof or at least shower proof and so I knew I needed to use some pretty special fabric. I also knew where to go for this delicious fabric ……… Merchant and Mills.

Merchant and mills Dry oilskin

I ordered 1m of their Grey Dry Oilskin and .5 m of their cumin dry oilskin, the dry oilskin means it doesn’t have an oil residue which could possibly rub off onto clothes etc and also shower proof so it won’t let water through, perfect for my bag.

I also knew I was going to need some lovely metal hardware to go with it and so Uhandbag came up trumps with the lovely coloured and good quality parts.

I had all of the bits I needed, now it was time to really get into it, as this needs you to draw out your piece rather than in dressmaking where you follow a pattern I started to draw the measurements onto dressmaking pattern paper. After about 2 mins I realised this wasn’t going to work, with the oilcloth being so thick it was just going to be too flimsy, so calico was the answer to make my pattern out of. I then would have the perfect pattern already drawn out on something substantial for future Range Backpacks.

 calico pattern

Once the bag was all drafted out I set upon the gorgeous fabric from Merchant and mills.
I was a little nervous about using this fabric, I didn’t want to mess it up and also what it would be like to sew with and cut etc. I also made sure I had some great clips to use as using pins wasn't really an option with this fabric. 

Bag clips

OH WOW it was so nice, easy to cut and with the right size needle a dream to sew. Putting the zip in was actually pretty easy and I didn't have any problems. 

Bag zip

That was it, I was hooked on making this bag, I got to the point one day where I didn’t even have lunch because I was so excited to get the bag finished.

Putting on the little metal hardware really made it look professional.

The Bag hardware from Uhandbag

I also love the birthing of the bag!

 The bag birthingThe bag layout

I don’t think I had any issues with this pattern apart from one where I mis-read the instructions and even re-reading then meant I didn’t know what I had done wrong but the fabulous Anna from Noddle Head had written a blog post about it so I was soon back the right tracks.

The slight mistake

It was all such a great experience making this bag, from the gorgeous fabric and the lovely instructions. I have been converted to be a bag maker, it is so lovely so wear, it fits my laptop, books and separate front pocket is perfect size for phone keys and small purse.

I’d love to see your Range backpacks too 😊

Here's a few photos of mine 

The Range backpackthe range backpack

the range backpackthe range backpack

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