Me Made May day 4

Hello May 2019! I can’t believe how fast you have come around!


This year I have stated that I don’t want to make a lot more clothes, I pretty much have enough, I feel like to make more would just be an extravagance I just don’t need.

This year I have pledged to

  1. Re-purpose some of my clothes I don’t wear, and I have made before that I just don’t like and so I don’t wear them. They need a new lease of life, in whatever way I can.
  2. Have a slow sew project on the go for the month, I have yet to decide on this project!
  3. Sew one or two new sample garments for the shop to show off our lovely patterns and fabrics.


That was it my pledge, I will however sometimes deviate if I find the need to sew something else that I don’t already have in my wardrobe and this first blog is about that sew!


The Zadie Jumpsuit by Paper Theory.

 Zadie Jumpsuit by Paper theory

I had seen this jumpsuit on Insta and thought, I could do that! I have been a little nervous with the whole sewing trousers and fit and jumpsuit thing for a while now and this seemed like the perfect option. A jumpsuit where it wasn’t too fitted but I could fingers crossed get the length right on me.

 The Zadie jumpsuit and fabric

I had been eyeing up this gorgeous Viscose Rayon by Atelier brunette for ages and just wasn’t sure what to do with it, this was the project.


Fabric washed, pattern traced (onto Swedish tracing paper of course), coffee made and I was ready to sew.

Rise photo

I did decide to take about 15cms out of the rise of the trouser, I am a short girl making a larger size and so the rise is always too long.

It came together fabulously, no real issues, I love the very simple step by step instructions given, this is a great beginner jumpsuit pattern. The bias binding was the only part I wasn’t to happy about compared to the instructions but that is just the way I have been taught to sew bias on.  I like the way you are told at every step to finish the edges, I don’t know about you but that is a step that I always try to avoid because of time but regret massively after, so to be reminded all the time is great. I love the side little section where the tape goes through so easy to do but looks so professional.

 the Zadie Jumpsuit

A great beginners intro to jumpsuit making! If you’re unsure don’t be get sewing! 

oh and for anyone out there who like a pocket these are amazing, perfect position 

Finished, tried on and a very happy bunny, yes, it is Jazzy but it’ll look great in the summer without tights and a vest top on like I had to wear today! 

Zadie Jumpsuit in atelier brunette  

This was the Zadie Jumpsuit made as a size 18, shorten the rise by 15cms and kept the length as is, sewn up in the Atelier Brunette Viscose Rayon. It is only available via a download on the Paper Theory website at the moment.

Zadie Jumpsuit

Oh and did I mention those pockets!!!!!!!!!! 

Pockets on the Zadie jumpsuit


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