Me Made May Day 5 - The Colour Block Dress

I had another outfit planned for today but when the sun was shining I thought, No I will rock out a dress I made almost two year ago for my friends wedding.

Colour Block

I love this dress, I was very proud of it when I finished.

This is the colour block dress from the Great British Sewing Bee book, I chose it as a challenge, a dress to take me another step. I did need help however, I booked myself onto one of our workshops called Your pattern Your Workshop and over the following weeks of the course I worked away on the dress.

sewing bee book

As you can imagine I had to be quite organised with all the pattern pieces, tracing, labelling, cutting, marking it took quite a long time to get it all prepped. The fabric was all ordered online, and is a mid weight cotton, nothing fancy just a good plan of the colours I wanted and where.

Once I had all the pieces cut and ready to go it was fairly easy, I had to be careful with my sewing lines and being very straight but apart from that it was a dream. With the help from Sheila one of our fabulous sewing teachers I popped in my first invisible zip! That was a great feeling, when you un-zip your invisible zip for the first time and it really is invisible! The it was finishing it all off, facings, hems etc and presto my fabulous colour block dress!

back of the dresscolour block dress

This was my proudest moment of my sewing journey when I wore it to My friend’s wedding, and today wearing it again it makes me very happy that I made this!

colour block dress in action

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  • Nicola

    Wow – absolutely love this one Lizzy – you look fab xxx

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