Me Made May Day 6 & 7 - Tiny Pocket Tank

Tiny Pocket Tank tiny pocket tank

I have clubbed together days 6 and 7 of Me Made May as these are both made with the same pattern. 

The Ting Pocket Tank by Grainline Studio (no longer available, I think replaced with the Willow Tank) was the first thing I ever made, before I could even sew in a straight line I thought " I can make one of those "! 

How wrong I was, after several wobbly lines later I took myself back to basics and learn how to sew in a straight line, after making a cushion I came back to it. 

Tiny pocket tank top

I chose the Michael Miller cotton with the gold Aztec pattern which I had been eyeing up in the shop of a month or two with a plain black back. The pattern was a lovely simple one, bust darts (the first I ever did), shoulder seams, side seams and then bias binding.

I decided to make my own bias binding, and I really liked doing it. I like the repetitive ironing with such satisfying results. However you will notice in the photo that unfortunately after wearing it for a couple of outings the bias around the neckline started coming away, I hadn’t done a very good job on my first bias.

bias bindingbias binding

The second however was this lovely satin black bias and it went on like a dream. I wear this top probably more often than I should and still love it.

That is probably why I have made it so many times, the white with black and gold crosses is also a Michael Millar fabric, easily sewn and lovely in the summer, perfect for our walk yesterday.

I even made this top for my step mum and poor her she actually wore it, again this was very early on in my sewing life and before I knew that the sizes on a pattern weren’t like normal sizes. I think her top was so big she had to do a few adjustments, a lesson learnt from then, always get measurements!

I would like to make this top again in a nice lightweight cotton which will give it a different drap, and maybe even add the tiny pocket to the top which gives it it's name sake! 

top in action

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