Me Made May - Day 8 the challenge so far

I am totally 100% loving this challenge!

At the beginning of May I challenged myself to wear a handmade item very day which I do anyway but documenting it and also wearing things that I have made that I don’t normally wear has been really good fun. Really thinking about what I wear everyday and also writing about how I made the items has been great, even the photo taking has been fun!

Now the second challenge that has been the best! I challenged myself to give more time to sewing and make four items I have not made before. Until now I haven’t definitely said what I am going to make so here you go, 

1. Morris blazer by Grainline Studio – finished just need to take photos.

Morris blazer patternHong Kong seam morris blazer

2. The Clover Trousers by Collete patterns - The clover trousers I am half way through, just need to do waistband and pop in an invisible zip.

The clover trousers

3. The Range backpack by Noodle head – All fabric is cut out and sewing started this evening.

The range Backpack The range back pack

4. ??????

I can’t decide on the last one yet!

Watch this space for more info on each of my projects and if you have any input into what my last project should be let me know 😊

 Coco dress

Oh and here is my photo from today, The Coco dress blog post will follow another day!

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