Me Made May - Days 11 and 12

Apologies I have been out of action for the last two days, our fabulous baker Pheobe has been away for the weekend at her sisters wedding and so I have popped on the apron and have been busy making cakes and yummy savoury things.

I have still been wearing my own clothes though so don’t worry I shall catch you up.

Day 11

A kitchen day so I like to wear something over jeans, nice and colourful under our aprons.
the Daisy dress here we come,

The umbrella daisy dress

This is me when I first made this dress about 2 years ago, it is the same pattern as day 10.

The daisy dress was a downloaded pattern I found on Etsy, which doesn’t seem to be there anymore. It is a fab pattern, two pieces cut in a way which meant you didn’t need facings around the top, its falls around the neck in a cool way depending on which fabric you make it in.

The Daisy dress neckline

The umbrella dress is my favourite out of the two, although the fabric on the day 10 dress is a beautiful atelier brunette fabric it is a little bit too drapey and falls off my shoulder quite a bit, it is a little bit annoying to be honest. Where as the stiffness of the cotton on the umbrella fabric makes this one more suitable for me and it is just so colourful.

The other handmade item I am wearing with this dress are my pom pom earrings, two yellow little pom poms sewn onto a bit of chain and turned into earrings, lovely cute and simple.


Day 12 – the 70's Hack 

&0's vintage dress

Another trip to my sisters this evening and the sun came out. This funky little number was actually made last year for a bit of a fancy dress 70’s night but I have since decided I’ll be wearing it a lot more often! I love it.  

The pattern is a bit of a hack from the Esme tunic from the Lotta Jansdotter book. I used the shape, added a flare at the bottom, took out a facing and added a gold bias and hey presto a fab little flared dress pattern.

the Esma 70's hack dress

The fabric, I was lucky enough to be invited to a house clearance and in there was a gem of a box of old fabrics, this was one of them. Not sure of the fabric type but I am tempted to say is a viscose, definitely man made and can get a little bit static but looks great in this flowy number.

I think this as turned into a new summer staple in my wardrobe!

cheeky summer staple

Oh and bag update – it’s done! I just need to get some lovely photos of it and I will tell all about my proudest make to date!

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