Me Made May Summary

Me Made May a round of the month and the sewing projects

I am owning up, I haven't got photos of me everyday!

There is said it, but I think at the moment that is ok, no pressure, me made may is supposed to be fun, so keep it like that.

The photos I have taken I have had fun taking them so thats ok. 

two stitches shrug pattern Two stitches shrug

The Two Stitches Shrug pattern

I love this pattern it is lovely and simple with no pattern just a few folds to create the shrug, it is a lovely project.

The fabric suitable would be a lightweight cotton, viscose or linen which would need a beautiful drape. It adds glamour to any outfit. Here it is made with a Lady McElroy cotton lawn.

The Willow Tank

The Willow Tank by Grainline Studio in a lovely linen by Nani Iro. I loved this fabric so much and because of it’s price I couldn’t afford to make the whole top in it, so I used a blue cotton linen mix for the back and it really love it. I also love the wide hem on this top.

 Tiny Pocket tee Back of the tiny pocket tee

The tiny pocket tee was a pattern I had from ages ago and I think it was the pre-pattern to the willow tank, it is a grainline studio and very similar, I guess the main difference is the neckline being lower.

This is made in a beautiful quality cotton fabric we used to have in the shop when we first opened and I love the geometric print. I think I am going to go on a quest to find more geometric prints!

Plastic sewing needle necklace

Lastly is this fab little necklace which I love to wear, its made with children's plastic sewing needles and all fab colours and it goes so well with a simple black outfit. 

Me Made May 2020 I think for most people has been quite an interesting time. I know it has been for me and actually I have really struggled this year with the taking of photos and getting it all out there. 

Me made may for me is an easy task in regard to wearing my own made, I do this naturally when I am in the shop and also on my days off, when I have places to go! All of my me mades are generally nice clothes, I haven’t really made any PJ’s or comfies to hang out in the house it, which is what I have been doing most of May. All be it working but still I have not needed to get “dressed” into work clothes or nice clothes, so I have really struggled to take photos of myself wearing me made everyday. But that is ok! It's meant to be fun and thats what I've made it. 

I have really loved seeing everyone else’s me made and I think next year I will try again doing photos on my grid everyday, that is more me.


Next blog is about my main me made which is the Pietra pants by Closet case, both my toile and my final pair.



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