Meet the Team: Sherrie


This week we are introducing the talented Sherrie Yablsey from Ollie and Bella.


Job title:  Crochet Tutor


Coffee or tea?  COFFEE for sure, although I do enjoy a lovely cuppa tea.



Favourite Cake/ dish at Make: I’m a vegetarian and love food! I especially like Vegetable Curry and Vegetable Quiche! Also I am a big Chip fan.

As for cake I would say my favourite cake would be coffee cake of course ;) as well as a chunky slab of flapjack- YUM!

What adventures have led you to Make?

I first started attending the evening Make sessions where every crafter is welcomed! It’s a great opportunity to meet with like minded people and enjoy a good natter over a yummy slice of cake and drink. From chatting with Lizzy and sharing my Instagram page which is crammed full of colourful crochet pics, Lizzy approached me about running some workshops at Make and I jumped at the chance.



When did you start sewing/making? I started crafting as a child and have always had the inspiration to want to make something whether that be baking or sewing or paper crafting thanks to my very clever Gran. However my passion is Crochet, I started Crocheting 4 years ago and haven’t stopped since.

What is your favourite/proudest Make? Apart from my children, I would say having my crochet patterns published in Crochet Now magazine. I feel proud every time I make something, it conjures up that feeling of excitement and from then it usually leads onto something else which I want to hook up!

Most used sewing/making tool? Ummm my crochet hook? Ha ha!

What's next up on your sewing/making table or what craft would you like to try your hand at? I think it’s about time I dusted off my sewing machine and we made up and became friends again! I think I need some help and of course I’m in the best possible place!

Sewing tip? My crochet tip would definitely be count your stitches! Don’t rush ahead. Also if you’re making a garment I strongly suggest you make a gauge swatch first to check your tension.

If you'd like to see more of Sherrie's work we can highly reccommend her wonderfully colourful workshop for beginners.

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