My Keilo Wrap Dress

This was one I didn’t know I wanted to make until I saw a woven fabric version of it and then that was it, I was sold I just had to make it!

Because of my totally impulsive decision to make this dress and because I am so very impatient, I downloaded and printed the pattern myself. I won’t do this again! Every time I succumb, I tell myself never again and then I forget what a pain it is to stick them all together and do it again. But never again, if you download get your A0 copies printed at your local copy shop, honestly it is so much better.

 Kielo wrap dress stick and cutting

Because the pattern is made for a stretch fabric and I was making it in woven I wasn’t sure if I should go up a size, I decided to just in case as I didn’t want to have it too tight across the bust, because let’s face it that is the only area that fits on this dress. When I’d finished it the bust size was perfect, I had to take it in a bit off the sides but I am glad I looked at the finished garment measurements and went up a size for the bust.

Fabric choice for the kilo wrap dress

The fabric choice was really what was spurring me on with this project as well, I had been wanting to use the cobra corsage lawn by Lady McElroy for some time but not just a simple top/dress, so this was prefect.

I chose this for the back panel and a plain crepe for the front, so that the front was drapey and simple, but the detail was in the wrap around part.

I wasn’t sure to be honest how this was going to turn out using two different fabrics and putting the pattern on the back, but I love it.

 Kielo Wrap dress

I love the way the two different ways you wear it gives you a totally different look.

Also, I think this can be dressed up for an evening do and be quite glamourous or dressed down with vans for a more casual look.

Kielo Wrap dress by named clothing Kielo wrap Dress by Named clothing

Things I would do differently next time-

  • make the wrap around bit smaller
  • finish the neckline better - I tried a bias facing but couldn’t get it to sit right, I think I need lessons, so ended up just turning it in.
  • Think that’s about it.

 Kielo wrap dress

I am really happy with my finished dress now I need a night of cocktail drinking so I can wear it!

 Kielo wrap dress

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  • Kate Carter

    I love the combination of materials. It really looks lovely. Must combine 2 materials on my next make….

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