Questions answered about our move.

Hi All,

I just wanted to try and explain a little more about our move as I think it might be a little confusing, so here are a few questions answered

Are you moving to Ocean Studios? And when does Vauxhall St shop close?

Yes we are moving Make at 140 to Ocean Studios in Royal William Yard. We will be closing the doors to our Vauxhall St shop on Saturday 18th August.

Is the café going with you?

No, I’m afraid we aren’t moving our café with us, but good news they have the gorgeous Column Bakehouse and Stores which offers delicious food and yummy cakes.

Will it be the same as Make now?

No it isn’t going to be the same as what we have all be used to. 

We are doing pop up events at Ocean rather then being permanently based there. At the moment there isn’t enough space for us to be there full time. We will have a studio shop based at Ocean Studios but we won't have a permanent workshop space at the moment, just a pop up one. 

When will the shop be open?

We don’t have a shop as such like we do at Make in Vauxhall St, we have a studio which will be home to all of our lovely fabrics patterns buttons and more. This will be accessible to all of my customers by appointment only and when the workshops are running. 

This is because at the moment Ocean Studios aren't always accessible to the public, only on open studio days, and if I meet you and take you up to the studio.

As always the shop is available online, take a look check it all out and then if you want to cope a feel of the fabric give us a shout and pay us a visit. 

How do we know when you will be there to make an appointment?

We will make sure you are kept up to date with when I am there for you to come visit, and as always the best place to check is our website. Whenever we are running a workshop the shop will be open, so you won't need to make an appointment for that just rock up, give us a call and we'll come and meet you. 
Check out our workshop calendar for this info.

Our phone number is 07776 757300

We will also be running a Pop-up shop twice a month in the Column Bakehouse café on the makers table so you won’t need to make an appointment then just rock up.

Where will the workshops be held?

We will be running an extensive workshop programme from Emerge, which is an amazing light open bright workshop space above the Column Bakehouse café. We will also run some of our workshops on the Makers table in the café just like in Make now.

Where do we go to find you?

If you are booked on a workshop you’ll be sent full details and a map of where to find us. The best place we have found to park is in the courtyard right next to Column Bakehouse and parking is £2 for the first 2 hrs and then £1 an hour after that. Easy and if you get the app even easier.

Also look at our about us page for more info about our new location 

This is a totally different offering to what we have had at Vauxhall St for the last 3 years, it is sad we are loosing what we have been used to but we are excited to be able to offer our customers something new and exciting. 

Please if you have any questions do pop them through to us. 

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  • Maxine Hale

    This sounds amazing and very exciting for all concerned. Can’t wait to pay a visit. Onwards and upwards…… as they say!

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