The Big Move

We are really excited to say that we have found a home….

Make at 140 will be basing itself at Ocean Studios in Royal William Yard!

Ocean Studios is a gorgeous place offering a space to create for the city of Plymouth. They provide studios and workshop facilities for artists and makers to develop their practices in the heart of the historic Royal William Yard. 

Photo of Ocean Studios

Photo by Tom Brewer

We are going to be running a full programme of our fabulous workshops in the Emerge space which is in the beautiful old building, right upstairs from the gorgeous Column Bakehouse café. As well as popping up on the Makers table in the Column Bakehouse for some of our shorter courses.

Emerge workshop space

We have spent the last 6 months looking for the perfect place for Make at 140 to move lock stock and barrel but none of the potential premises had the right feel so when this opportunity came up at Ocean Studios we jumped at the chance. The perfect place surrounded by wonderfully creative people in a beautiful location.

We do know that it isn’t quite the same offering, that we will lose our fabulous café (for now) but we are confident that right now this is the best move for the Make family.

We will be closing the Make at 140 Vauxhall St shop on 18th August to get us ready for our first week in Ocean Studios in September. We will be offering our menu in the café up until the fabulous Phoebe our gorgeous baker finds another job and then it’ll be down to me so make the most of her lovely cooking until then.

The Shop will continue as before, all the same lovely fabrics, buttons, patterns and gifts and will be available online, you will also be able to shop with us by making an appointment, to have a feel of the fabrics, nose at our patterns and ogle over our buttons, any time you like just give us a call to make sure we are in the Studio.

fabric Make at 140 sewing Workshops at Ocean Studios

We have some fabulous new workshops lined up for the next season and we will be releasing all of our workshops dates up until December in the next couple of weeks.

I can honestly say that opening and running Make for the last 3 years has been the most amazing experience, I have met the most amazing, creative and inspiring people and this is not the end, this is the beginning of the next exciting journey for Make at 140. We really hope you join us for the ride!

Make at 140 Logo


  • Lorraine England

    Wishing Lizzie and the team all the best with this exiting new venture. What a fabulous new site!

  • Sam

    So happy you’ve found a space that feels right and you’re moving forward and upwards – very proud of all you’ve achieved x

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