The Sallie Jumpsuit


I have found a new love of jumpsuits ever since I made the Zadie Jumpsuit by Paper theory Patterns. Before then I never really thought a jumpsuit would suit a short rounded person but I was proved wrong. So, when I was chatting to a customer and they mentioned the Sallie Jumpsuit and dress pattern I popped over to the Closet Case website to take a look.

The Sallie Jumpsuit SALLIE JUMPSUIT VERSION CSallie Dress Version

It was just what I had been looking for, I jumpsuit in stretch fabric that wasn’t too tight. I had previously been thinking about the Sirocco jumpsuit by Deer and Doe but hadn’t decided on that one for me because I thought it was a little bit too tight. The potential for my bottom to have fabric stretched over it was too high.

The Sallie Jumpsuit was ideal. 

It was around this time that I had in the shop the fabulous Lady McElroy Cobra Corsage Soft Crepe Jersey, a marriage made in heaven. The outfit concept was born. (And if anyone would like me to get this fabric back in stock please let me know and I will order a new bolt). 


Then lockdown hit, I had luckily already had the pattern printed, as this is a PDF pattern and I really don’t like sicking them all together. If you want to get your patterns printed locally in Plymouth I use a small printing shop on Mayflower street called the Artside, they give Make customers a discount and charge just £1.50 per A0 black and white copy, perfect.

At the start of lockdown I asked you lot out there which project I should sew first. It was a close call but my Glide jacket got the most votes, so I have been working on that one all this time, slowly plodding way at it and I love it very much. In fact I plan to finish this one today hopefully.

 The Glide Jacket in Progress

The Sallie jumpsuit was a very close second to the glide jacket, as time went on I realised my birthday was going to be in lockdown I needed a new outfit for the evening of lockdown celebrating at home. The Sallie jumpsuit needed to be sewn.

Sallie Pattern technical drawing  

To the pattern, I chose version A top with version C bottoms, I graded the top from a 14 into a 16 bottoms as I didn’t want them to be too tight. Normally I would take a bit out of the crotch to waist but with the tracing paper held up I didn’t want to make it too short in that area either so decided against that adjustment this time.

 Fabric cutting out the Sallie jumpsuit


The most difficult part to this sew was the fabric, I thought it would be difficult to sew but it as actually the cutting out. It moved and twisted and didn’t really stay where you wanted, you thought you had it right and then realised the underside was all twisted or stretched. It took me the best part of an afternoon to cut this out, just making sure it was done properly.

The sew itself was actually ok, I thought the fabric would stretch when sewn and be a right monkey but it wasn’t, it generally behaved itself. I used a 70 ball point needle which worked a treat and used the recommended stitch lengths in the pattern too. I did test these out  first as a do like to use the stretch stitch on my machine, but this fabric was too light for that stitch and it puckered a bit. 


 The sallie jumpsuit elastic

I would definitely use clear elastic where it offers to use that on the neckline rather than the seam tape, because when you wear it and are taking it on and off this is really good to have the stretch on the neckline.

I very easy sew actually, one I enjoyed immensely, I liked the tidiness for the top, the way it was lined with the fabric meaning all the seams were all hidden away. It was a really simple construction. The bottoms again were nice and easy, after sewing 4 of the Zadie jumpsuits I knew exactly what to do with the pockets. It all went very smoothly.

Lastly attaching top to bottom and inserting elastic, again nice and easy, I was very pleased. Hem the trousers and voila a finished jumpsuit.

my Finished Sallie Jumpsuit

My new favourite jumpsuit, I will definitely make this one again, in another lightweight jersey, I’m not sure if it would suit a firmer jersey it needs the drape. Its lovely to wear, very comfortable and I feel quite glamourous in it.


The Sallie Jumpsuit

What I would change for next sew, I would take maybe 2 cm out of the crotch to waist length because it is a little bit long for me, it’s doesn’t look bad now but just something I would keep in mind.

Apart from that I love the size of the top and bottom, I like the V neck and love the tie on the back of the neck.

The Back of the Sallie Jumpsuit


My new favourite garment ……….. until I finish my glide jacket  xx


Finished Sallie Jumpsuit  

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  • Jo Parkes

    This is brilliant Lizzie, I might even have a go at this.
    It really suits you.
    Stay safe.

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