Paint a Picture with Thread - Intermediate Free Motion Embroidery

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This one day workshop will help you to create a picture on fabric using free motion embroidery with thread and fabric.



You need to have some experience in this technique and feel confident using your machine. You need to be able to draw various shapes and follow the lines.






In the morning you will learn a selection of appliqué techniques which you will later use in your “painting” with threads.



You will practice embroidering smaller images before deciding on a bigger piece.






After lunch you will design/plan your picture. This piece may be a picture to frame or applied onto a cushion cover or a garment.



Please bring some reference material or a sketch/picture/photo to help you to create the embroidered piece. It can be figurative or abstract image. I will help you to create the final design.






What you need to bring:



Sewing machine (set up for free motion embroidery) and manual, 



wooden hoops 6 “or/and 7”, 



machine needles, small embroidery scissors, pins and some threads.



Coat Moon (1000 yards) threads provide a good selection of colours and are not expensive. Available on the internet. Check if these are compatible with your machine first. Please include dark greys and black. A good variety of colours are advised, choose the colours you are likely to use for your picture. You may bring rayon or/and metallics if you have some. 



Sketchbook and pencil. 



Scraps of variety of soft/delicate fabrics. 



Half a metre of Bonda Web to use for appliqué technique. (available in the Make shop)  


We supply:



calico cotton pieces to practice on, 



scraps of silk, organza, metallics, some threads, 



Practice embroidery hoops






Skill level: 2 (Intermediate)






Time: 10am - 3.30pm includes 30 min lunch break






Course Leader: Ewa Morawski