Sew Your Little Ones Clothes

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Sewing your little ones clothes is a very satisfying thing to do, not only will you be making something for them but you will be giving yourself a little bit if time for you in the process,  bit of adult time with other parents and grandparents.

We would also love for you to be able come along with other parents you may know but not be at the same sewing level. We have designed this workshop so you can come if you are new to sewing or if you have done a bit before just want to learn something new. Choose form the three garments below which suit your skill level and what you would like to make.

You will have three different patterns to choose from:

Little ones harem pants are designed for the very beginner someone who has used a sewing machine before but hasn’t necessarily made any garments before. These perfect cute little harem pants are just adorable and a simple sew. These are made with stretch jersey fabric.

The romper is maybe for someone who has sewn a garment before but isn’t quite sure about jersey sewing or wants to go that little bit further with their skills. Using jersey fabric with facings and popper these are a lovely little project to make.

The reversible dress is a great dress which is made using cotton fabric. Another simple sew and would be suitable to someone who has sewn a garment before but looking for the next challenge. With double layered fabric and attaching bias binding, another simple but satisfying dress.

When deciding on your pattern please discuss with us your sewing level and we can guide you to the best pattern. 

Depending on which pattern you choose, your sewing ability and how much time is left you may also get to start a second garment. 

Your sewing will generally follow this plan, to start with you will discuss your patterns, you will be taught how to measure properly and then choose which size you will be making. From there you will be guided through the tracing of your pattern, pining to your fabric and the transferring of markings from your pattern onto your fabric. Then it is time to cut.

In the afternoon or second part to your workshop you will get down to the sewing where you will be talked through all the different parts of your patterns whether there are facings, pockets, cuffs, elastic to insert whichever little ones outfit you are working on your will have guidance through the process.  

What you will learn depending on which pattern you choose to make:

Pattern layout, marking and cutting

Working with jersey fabrics and suitable stitching

How to part line a garment by inserting facings

Making cuffs

Adding poppers/snaps

Attaching bias binding

Sewing and finishing seams

Elasticated cuffs

What you will need:

Sewing machine threaded and working (if you require to use one of our machines you will to advise us during booking as we have a limited amount of machines available)

Sewing kit

Fabric and notions for your chosen pattern size and length – a detailed tick list will be sent to you once you have booked on the course with full details


Next Stage Beginner, intermediate and advanced

You must have used a sewing machine before or been on one of our beginners sewing classes

Duration: 6 

Please note we try to calculate how long a workshop will be and plan to finish each garment in the allocated time but this isn’t always possible, If you are unable to finish in the workshop time we will make sure you are confident with your garment to be finished at home.


We need a minimum of 5 people for this workshop go ahead, if this number isn’t achieved by one week before we will be contacting you with an alterative date, if you are unable to re-schedule we offer a full refund. Why not see if a friend wants to join you and get 10% off both your workshops when booked together.