About us & opening times

We are based at Ocean Studios in Royal William Yard, Plymouth, Devon.
Please read on for more details. 


Our Opening hours: 

Wednesday 10 - 5pm 

Thursday 10 - 5pm 

Friday 10 - 5pm

Saturday 10 - 5pm 

Sunday 10 - 4pm

Our online shop is open 24/7

Make at 140 Shop in Plymouth  
The outside of our shop.
Directions to the shop
Walking head straight on when you enter RWY, go past the green on the left, then past the marina on your right, the Make at 140 shop is just on the left after the current black hoarding. If you see a red phone box you have gone past the shop entrance. 
Driving - Enter Royal William Yard, follow their one way system, so turn left just after you enter. Follow the one way all the way around the yard until you come back around towards the entrance/exit. Look for a red phone box on your right hand side before the water on your left. We are just after the phone box on the right hand side. Opposite the Restaurant The Clubhouse. 
Parking - If you need to park you can park all the way along the back wall, kind of in the middle and you can cut through the side road to Make. Or drive round towards the red phone box and before the phone box turn right into a stone gate, turn immediately right into the garage and either park there if space or through to the other side where there is lots of room. 
Make at 140 
Ocean Studios 
Royal William Yard 

Where to go and where to park: 

Google map link HERE 

 map of RWY and where make is

The green line is where you drive. 

The blue area is the best places to park for Make at 140.

The red lines are the parking meters.

The Yellow is the Make at 140 shop. 

Disable spaces in the courtyard parking at ocean studios

You will need to pop some money on the car either download the app or get a ticket (which is back out near the entrance to the make shop) details below of parking charges. Each machine should take cash and cards but they aren't always working for both. 

Parking charges at RWY

Contact details:

Telephone 07776 757300 
Email: info@makeat140.co.uk