Covid Workshop Policy

We are all set and ready to welcome you back into our workshop space.

Workshop space during Covid

Our Covid safe workshop space

Making workshops safe from Covid at Make

We have been following government guidelines and have put a number of procedures in place to ensure the safety of our workshop attendees. We will also need our attendees to know that there is a small risk to them attending the workshop and will need your acknowledgment of this risk before you attend.

Our workshops at make are held upstairs in a large workshop area, the doors and windows will all be open providing it is warm enough to do so. Hand sanitiser will be available for customers use and hand washing facilities will be available in the workshop room.

We will have all workshop tables 2 m apart, so each customer has their own 2 m workspace.  All tables, chairs, surfaces and contact points will be sanitised before each workshop.

All teachers will be wearing either a facemask or visor when in closer contact to customers, ie during fittings or demonstrations.

Any demonstrations will be done at a safe distance but if a demo needs closer contact visors or facemasks will be worn.

We ask all customer who are attending a workshop to bring their own facemask or visor this is not currently mandatory but we are asking people if they can to wear these when coming close to others in the workshop. 

A facemask/visor will need to be worn at the following times if you are able to 

  • During demonstrations when the teacher or other students are closer than 2 m
  • During fitting, when the teacher may be coming closer than 2 m
  • Whilst using the irons – there will be hand wipes to use after you have used the irons to wipe over the handles
  • Any point during the class you may come in closer than 2 m contact with others around you 

We are asking all workshop attends to respect each other’s space and keep to the 2 m rule to limit the risk.

Workshop space


Bookings placed during Covid

During the Covid 19 pandemic we have had to change the way we take bookings.

If you would like to book onto one of our sewing classes please book the dates available on our website, we will be charging you an initial non-refundable deposit to secure your space. We will then be contacting you two weeks before the course to take final payment. 

If you can no longer attend you will need to contact us at least 14 days before your class, we can then transfer your booking to a new date. If it is within 14 days we can not transfer your booking unless you have proof of a positive PCR Covid test either yourself or someone within your household. 

We do still need a minimum amount of attendee’s and if we don’t meet this amount we will contact you 1 week before your workshop