Summer Sewing Destash & Party

Summer Sewing Destash & Party with Make Fabric Boutique and Ocean Studios. Bring along any fabric and sewing patterns that aren't inspiring you and exchange for things you love. This destash event is a great opportunity to find the perfect resources for your next project, in a way that saves the planet (and your wallet!). Everybody is welcome to join in the swapping fun and sewing socalising.

When and Where

Join us for the Plymouth Fabric Destash Swap on Thursday 8th August, 6 - 8pm.

Ocean Studios Café

Fully accessible venue, light and airy with plenty of space.


This sewing event is organised by Lizzy at Make Fabric Boutique. Lizzy realising the for sewers to destash, as we all have far too much excess fabric in our stashes! has organised this event with the support of Ocean Studios.  

How it works

Drop your fabric off at the Make Fabric Boutique before the day of the event.


Bring fabric of all types - please label with width, length and fibre content if known and your sewing patterns, please label the pattern if its cut and to what size or uncut. We will then issue you with your tokens (buttons). Each metre of fabric or pattern will be worth one wooden token (button). Unless its smaller that 1m in which case this will be a smaller button.

On the evening you can have a lovely peruse of the fabric and patterns on offer and use your tokens to collect and “purchase” something you will love and use!  

We will be providing everyone with a summer sangria or soft drink so do come along to chat all things sewing, fabric and patterns. We look forward to seeing you there. Get your tickets HERE

The Make shop will be open for an hour towards the end of the event, so 7pm onwards if you'd like to stock up on anything from the shop you can with 10% off that evenings.

Cost - £2.98 including fees get your tickets HERE

What to bring

  • Swap Fabric of all types - please label with width, length and fibre content if known.
  • Patterns
  • Don't forget to bring a bag to carry home your new stash- we are not able to provide bags.

Tables will be arranged in the Ocean Studios Cafe and labelled with the following categories:

  • Fabric remnants under 1m
  • Fabric lengths 1 to 1.9m
  • Fabric lengths 2-2.9m
  • Fabric lengths over 3m
  • Sewing patterns (please label if cut and to what size or uncut)


Please DO NOT bring clothes to swap, this is a fabric and haberdashery swap only.

Book Your Tickets HERE 

Left Over Fabric and patterns

Any items left over will be donated to charity. 

If you run a community event that requires fabric, please get in touch via to find out about collecting left over fabric. It must be collected in person on Friday 9th August as we don't have any storage.


The finer details! 

In partaking in this fabric and pattern swap you are agreeing that you will bring fabric and patterns that are not damaged in anyway. You are also agreeing that each pattern and piece of fabric no matter its origin is worth the token you are given, for example if you donate a piece of designer fabric of 3 m this is still only 3m worth so 3 tokens this doesn’t make it “worth” more tokens being designer. The aim of this swap is to reduce waste and to give all fabrics and patterns a chance to be loved again.