Free Motion Machine Embroidery on Dissolvable Fabrics

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This workshop is about learning and creating delicate and intricate embroidered pieces

using water soluble fabrics.

You will discover the magic of using vanishing fabric and film, you will experiment with various techniques and try different dissolvables.

You should already have some free motion machine embroidery experience and feel confident using your machine for embroidery.

In the morning you will make several samples using sheer fabric and film to build up your skill and practice techniques. You will see the “magic” of vanishing base to reveal your work.

After lunch you may like to make a bigger piece based on something you are inspired by, it may floral, geometric or abstract.

Please bring some reference materials like drawings, illustrations, photos of images that appeal to you. I will help with creating the final design.


What to bring:

Sewing machine and manual, your machine must have darn function/be able to drop the feed dogs. 

Two wooden hoops 6”/7” and 8”. 

Needles no 80 

Embroidery scissors (I recommend Fiskars brand with orange handles)

Open toe free motion foot attachment (optional)


Selection of polyester and metallic threads (some Madeira viscose or rayon look nice).

Slim marker pen 

1L or 1 pint plastic jug or container 


We will supply:

2 types of dissolvable fabrics - If you already have some, Avalon and Solufleece (Aquasol) are good to use. There will be extra to purchase from the teacher on the day if youd like to take some home. 

A small piece of polystyrene to pin your samples on 

A4 tracing paper 

Half a metre of baking parchment

Some colourful snippets of fabric (silk, organza, tulle), 

Yarns and thread, sweet wrappers. I will have some also for you to use. 



Artist Ewa Morowski 



5.5 hours