Full Bust Adjustment Workshop

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Do you find yourself making clothes that fit at the bust but are gaping at the armholes and/or baggy at the neckline? Or perhaps they fit at the armholes and neckline but strain across your bust?

In this workshop you will learn how to alter bodice patterns to give the fullness where you need it and not everywhere else!

The workshop will cover the three most common bodice pattern types; those with no darts, those with a side bust dart and those with princess seams. 

What you will learn:

How to make a full bust adjustment on the following patterns 

            No darts 

            Side bust dart 

            Princess seams

You will learning the technique to take away and apply to your own patterns.

What you will need to bring

Pattern master or a set square 


You must have worked from a dressmaking pattern before. 


10 am – 1 pm 


Course Leader:

Vanessa Borrell