Intro to Pattern Cutting - The Skirt Block

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The perfect introduction to pattern drafting and cutting. Want to learn how to make a skirt pattern to your own size and design? On this course you will learn how to create a skirt block using your own measurements and how to adjust it to create a variety of designs.


The workshop will generally follow this plan:

To start with you will learn how to take the accurate measurements required to make your block. You will then draw up your skirt block and use this to make a toile in calico. With the help of your teacher you will then evaluate the fit, make any adjustments to the toile and transfer these adjustments to the block.


You will then explore a range of pattern adaptions to change the block into different skirt styles including: adding flare, adding gathers/ pleats, create seams in place of darts, adding a waistband and creating a facing


What you will learn includes:

How to take accurate measurements

How to use those measurements to draw up your own skirt block

How to adapt a toile to get the perfect fit

How to apply those adaptations to your pattern

How to make style adjustments to your block


What you will need:

Sharp pencil


Glue stick

Paper scissors

An L-square, large set square or pattern master

French curve (optional)

Metre stick (optional)

Tape measure

1 metre of calico or something similar (curtain lining, old bed sheets etc will work just as well!)


Sewing kit

Sewing machine

Pattern paper 



10 hours 

Day 1 - 6 hours 

Day 2 - 4 hours