Ramie Eco-Friendly Fabric Raspberry

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Composition 100% Ramie 

Weight - 255 gr/m2 

Width 138 cm wide  

Length - .25cm 


Multiple purchases will be sent in a continuous length. 


Native to China, ramie is a linen-like fibre made from nettles and which is classified as a cellulose fiber, just like cotton, linen and rayon.


Ramie does not require pesticides or herbicides to grow and it can be harvested up to 6 times in a good year. 


The fibre is vegan (unlike silk or wool), it doesn’t require pesticides or herbicides (like cotton does), but it does use chemicals in the process.


Ramie fabric is easy care, increases in strength when wet, and does not shrink or lose its shape. It dries quickly and like linen becomes smoother and more lustrous with repeated washing. 


Jumpsuits, dresses, tops and trousers. 


Care: We recommend pre-washing your fabrics before use to avoid any shrinkage.

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