Re-Create A Favourite

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We are currently unable to offer this workshop. We will be looking to hopefully run this workshop again in early 2021. 

If you'd like to look at the other workshops currently offered please take a look HERE  

If you would like to be the first to know when a new date for this workshop is available please email us with the workshop name and your details.  

Do you have a garment in your wardrobe that feels like an old friend?
You have worn it and worn it, you know it suits you and every time you put it on, it just feels so good........ BUT, you know it is going to wear out eventually (if it hasn't already!) and you will be lost without it.
We can help you recreate the shape so that you can make your own versions of this garment and carry on wearing them for years to come.

Please note you will not make a garment in this class you will go away with a pattern for your chosen garment to be made again. 

What You will learn:

How to mark, take from and read your garment 

What you will need to bring

Sewing machine - please advise if you need to borrow one of ours as we have limited avaiability in the workshop

Your chosen simple constructed garment – this will need to be relatively simple so you can re-create in the class. Either a simple top, simple dress or simple skirt. 

Toile fabric to make your pattern with – this will need to be enough for your chosen garment 2.5 m should be enough probably less. An old bedsheet will be suitable or any low cost polycotton or if your fabric is stretch a low cost stretch fabric. Please do discuss this with us when you book. 

Pattern paper 

Pattern master or a set square 

Please note you may or maynot get to sew up your toile pattern depending on the original garment but you will go home with a pattern to re-create from. 


You must be able to use a sewing machine and have worked from a dressmaking pattern before. 



10 am – 3.30 pm 


Course Leader:

Lynne Ahern