Weave a Wall Hanging


This course is designed for beginners who are completely new to weaving.

You will learn how to set up your loom with the warp threads, and a variety of simple techniques including the Basket, Twill and Soumack and how to create tassles. These can be used in a variety of combinations with almost anything that is weavable! The result is a beautiful textured and touchable weaving that will look stunning on any wall.

Please note there is an extra charge for your loom which you can buy from us for a pre-order price of £10 or we can advise where from. 

Skills you will learn:

How to set up your loom

Different weaving techniques

How to introduce different types of wools

How to create tassles

What you will need:

There will be some wools, yarns and other textured materials to practice with, but we advise you bring some of your own, particularly if you would like to follow a certain colour scheme.

Aim to bring at least 4 different shades of wool/acrylic in a variety of weights: DK, Aran, Afgan, Chunky, Super chunky and Roving all very suitable. If you want to go even further you can use strips of material, hessian, velvet and denim.

We can provide you with a loom that is yours to keep for an additional £10.

Course leader

Erin Bailey






4 hours


Please note we try to calculate how long a workshop will be but these times are only a guide and your workshop may run over

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