Your Pattern Your Workshop Sewing Course


Introduction to dressmaking "Your Pattern Your workshop" 4 week course

This workshop is designed for beginner dressmakers, if you are slightly more advanced than this we have an alternative workshop for you.

We are offering 4x 2 hour sessions to guide you through making a garment. Bring a pattern of your choice (a top, skirt or trouser pattern is advised for this workshop if you'd like to look at a dress pattern a different workshop is offered) and all your usual sewing equipment.


Week 1 –  

“What does this all mean?”

This week is an introduction to your pattern. I will be offering guidance on measuring your own body, choosing the correct sized pattern for you, choosing fabric, understanding markings on the paper patterns, simple sizing adjustments to get a good fit, adjusting length of your pattern, selecting which pattern pieces you need for your garment.


Week 2 –

“First cut is the deepest”

This week we will be cutting out the pattern and pinning it to your fabric, transferring markings from paper to fabric, cutting out the fabric and transferring markings from the pattern to your fabric. Following this you will be able to start assembling your garment and begin to follow your instructions from the pattern. I will be able to guide you through the terminology and how to follow the instructions.


Week 3 –

“Whizzing away on my sewing machine”

This week will see the start of you using your sewing machine to create your garment. I will be on hand to guide and advise you on techniques and sewing jargon contained within the pattern instructions.


Week 4 – 

“It’s all in the pressing”

Continuing on from the previous week and hopefully completing your garment. This will include hemming and finishing your garment by pressing out your seams to give a crisper finish.


What you will need:

Sewing machine (we have limited sewing machines so if you need to borrow one please advise at booking stage)

Sewing kit

Your chosen pattern and all that is needed for this. Please discuss this with us when booking this course. We liek to be prepared so an idea of what pattern you are doing before the first workshop would be great 


Course Leader




Beginner improver (you must have used a sewing machine before and made at least one item)



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