New Fabrics At Make

Since Make opened its doors in November, it has been important to Lizzy to listen to the thoughts and respond to the needs of her customers when making decisions as to the future direction of the shop. Following on from this, deliveries arriving during the last few weeks have caused a flurry of excitement for customers and staff alike. These have included fabrics, dress patterns and lacy zips (huge excitement here!). 

Atelier Brunette Fabric Lace zips

Let's first look at the fabrics 

Dash Lime by Atelier Brunette

The above is from Atelier Brunette.This collection offers an authentic range of timeless prints and colours that are very easy to wear. Feeling the various fabrics, they have a nice drape so they’re great for sewing dresses and shirts but they still have a substance which means that quite a range of garments and other projects will be successful using this collection. As you can see, there is a dash pattern within the above design achieving a statement to your finished garment. This is evident throughout the range – achieving something different, stylish and contemporary.

Tabby from the "impression collection"

Bye Bye Birdie Chalk off white atelier brunette

Importantly, they are a dream to work with and once made, they just pop in the washing machine at 30-40 degrees and are ready to wear again and again.

Bye Bye birdie Skirt Chalk Charcoal Fabric

Like dandy fabric

For a soft sheer touch and an elegant, lightweight drape 100% cotton voile is an excellent fabric and we have several in store. Think chic scarves and free-flowing dresses… Sweet camisoles and featherweight quilts! The possibilities are endless!

Atelier Brunette Lili fabric in Voile Tuner Tumble in Voile Coming home spring voile


And in our next blog I will be chatting about some of our new patterns.

Happy making!


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