Roo-tid Fabric

Carly & Rob are the owners of Roo-tid, a fabric design studio in the UK. They specialise in illustrating beautiful, high quality fabrics; thoughtfully designed with concepts to encourage a sense of staying true to oneself and feeling rooted.

The duo believe the quality and design of the fabric play a key part in the mindful experience. It generates some ‘me’ time, to stop and step away from day-to-day life and simply enjoy finding fabric that makes one feel good – inside and out.

The design process is inspired by the thought of catapulting individuals out of their autopilot and into guilt free moments of enriched learning and instant satisfaction of ‘i made this.’ To enjoy every moment and to notice the small things, like the touch of the fabric as it runs through the sewing machine and the sound of the needle as it pierces each and every stitch.

They are passionate about where and how the fabrics are made and take pride in all our fabrics being organic and therefore biodegradable. They work closely with manufacturers who sustainably produce eco-friendly fibres, all while adhering to ethical working conditions. All the fabrics use natural and renewable raw materials such as wood and pulp which come from certified and controlled sources, derived from sustainably managed forests. They work with suppliers who believe that in a world of limited natural resources, environmental sustainability requires that less is taken – using only the resources needed, and utilising them with maximum efficiency. You can read more about our eco-friendly fibres here

We continue to educate ourselves and our customers to believe beautiful fabric shouldn’t be at the cost of our planet and wellbeing.

We hope you enjoy these beautiful fabrics. 

8 products

8 products