Workshop FAQ's

We know it can be a bit daunting coming to a workshop when you don't know where you going to what to expect so we want to hopefully answer all your queries and questions below. 

Where are you based? 

Simply put we are in Ocean Studios, Royal William Yard, Plymouth. For a more detailed description of where to go click here.

Where do I go when I arrive at Ocean Studios?

If you come to the main doors of Make at 140 which are just opposite Pho restaurant, we will be open 15 minutes before the start of your class. 

Drop off and pick up times. 

It is a good idea if you can to get dropped off to the shop when you are here for a days workshop that way saving on car parking tickets, if you are doing this you are allowed 15 mins from when you enter the yard to be dropped off and for the driver to leave.

Where do I park? 

There is plenty of parking at Royal William Yard, you do need to pay to park, these prices can be found HERE .

Please note RWY is now all on a one way system so keep that in mind when you are parking. You are welcome to drive to the shop door and drop machines etc off first and then go and pay. 

Disabled Users
Disabled users are required to pay and display inline with the terms of parking but in addition are required to be displaying a blue badge while in use of a disabled bay. There are several disabled bays just behind the shop so very close to Make. 

Paybyphone App
You can also pay using the Paybyphone app. Register for an account online and our location code is: 59542.
If you wish to extend your stay you can use the app to extend you parking.

I have mobility issues can you help? 

Yes, we definitely can. If you need our assistance please do let us know before hand, that way we can keep an eye out for you and give you help from your car. You can always drive to the shop to drop off first. Once in the building we can carry machine etc for you. There is a lift, please advice us before the workshop if you will need to use the lift just to make sure it is available. 

Can I buy lunch at Ocean Studios? 

You can in the cafe BUT sometimes they're very busy and run out of yummy lunches, we currently recommend you bring a packed lunch so that in your 30 mins lunch break you definitely get some grub. 

Are there refreshments?

Yes we have tea, coffee, decaf and herbal available 


Who is my Teacher? 

Take a look at the workshop description for your class and at the bottom it will tell you who your teacher is and should have a link to more info about them.