I Made Another Coco! Sorry


The coco dress by Tilly and the buttons

I feel like I am confessing something in this blog post. Yet another coco I hear you say!

I know I should be challenging myself and trying new patterns but I just couldn’t resist a quick satisfying sew this week.

Fabric and patterns

I had ogled this fabric from that day it arrived in the shop!

Gorgeous Lillestoff jeans sweat fabric that was like a denim but was stretchy and I knew it was going to sew up beautifully.

After a great couple of weeks in the shops new home I really wanted to wear some of my new fabric, although I am sorry to say this has already sold out and I can’t get anymore. This fabric is of such amazing quality and the print was just so stylish I was really torn between trying the heather dress for the first time or going with the Coco, but after debating with customers and then needing a quick sew I stuck with it, the coco it was.

I followed my already cut out pattern pieces, I lengthened it slightly, also bringing in the bottom so it didn’t flair as much.

The sew went relatively smoothly, until I popped it on and realised because I had brought it in slightly further down and this fabric didn’t have as much stretch it felt a little clipped. Kind of made me feel a little uncomfortable, so to the un-picker I went.

It took a bit of time, and the light isn’t the best in the new shop so I had to take myself outside to get on with it, but what a fabulous view I had. I couldn’t think of anywhere better to stand and un-pick jersey fabric which has been sewn with a very tight jersey stretch needle!  

Once done I was a lot happier just sewing a slightly smaller seam allowance gave me just a little bit more wriggle room.

The sewing up of the dress 

There was one last thing I wanted to add, Long Cuffs!

I had cut the ¾ length sleeves but I wanted to add a tight long cuff, with a few scraps I made cuffs which were pretty small for the sleeves but I thought it would have the desired effect.

Cuff insert


I gathered my sleeves at the bottom with two rows of stiches and fitted them into place.

I loved them!

 Dress Cuff

I am really pleased with this coco version. The fabric is stunning and the added cuff detail I feel really just finishes it off.

the finished Coco

I am making a promise now though to you all that my next sew will be a more challenging sew, one that I haven’t made before! I promise no more coco’s for a while!

The coco dress by Tilly and the buttons

The coco dress


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  • Nicola

    Wow – it looks fabulous Lizzy! 👍🏼😁

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