Make at 140 Covid Opening Times

Make at 140 Shop Opening

Temporary opening times

Wednesday 10 – 5 pm


Saturday 10 – 5 pm

Following all the social distancing guidelines we will be opening two days a week for the foreseeable future.
We will be asking you to take a few simple steps to keep us all safe

  • One family group in the shop at a time
  • We will have hand sanitiser to use on entering feel free to use throughout your visit if you need to
  • We are encouraging contactless payments but will also take cash if needed
  • We will be asking you to be aware of what you are touching and only touch if you really love it. Fabric is there to be touched and felt, after all that is why we are opening again but just be aware of what you are touching.
  • We will be cleaning down surfaces after every visit, so please allow time in between one group leaving and you entering, we will advise you when you can come in
  • We have moved the shop around to allow you more browsing room and to keep within the social distancing guidelines
  • We will be wearing disposable gloves and a face mask for your protection

We have put all of these steps in place to ensure a safe and enjoyable shopping experience.

We cannot wait to welcome you back to Make at 140 it has been a long few months without you and we are looking forward to opening again all be it with a slightly different offering.



We are still closely monitoring and constantly discussing with our teachers when we will begin teaching again. We have yet to be able to say when this will begin.

If you would like to be placed on a waiting list to be informed when we are starting again please get in touch with the course/workshop you are interested in.

We really want to get teaching again but can only do it when it is safe to do so, watch this space.



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