Me Made May day 18 & 19 - Breton top and Tank Dress


I am doing a little double whamy today as I didn’t get around to posting yesterday. I also yesterday didn’t have anyone to take a photo of me so I’m afraid these are selfie shots!

Breton top and lillestof fabric Breton top with lillestoff fabric

Day 18 - Breton Top 

This top is a pattern from the Great British Sewing Bee book and it’s a Breton top, the pattern was nice and easy to follow once you’ve traced it off the patterns supplied, which are just lines and things all over the page! Its quite interesting when you trace from books and there are all different patterns on one large page, you have to be really careful you don’t end up following a different line and finish with a totally different garment!

Anyway back to the top, I used the gorgeous raindrop by Lillestoff, a lovely organic cotton jersey. It was a relatively easy sew apart from the side slits, I think I should give myself more time to sew rather than rushing things but I don’t I am a bit of a quick sewer and enjoy quick projects and so I can tend to rush things and not get the best finish which I think is what happening with this top. Saying that though I do really like the fabric, the shape of the neckline and the sleeve length.

Breton top


Day 19 -The Tank Dress by Sew Caroline

The sew Caroline Tank Dress

Can you tell there is a bit of a theme with my patterns? I have made quite a few dresses which are called the tank dress all a similar shape. I know with this sort of shaped dress it will suit me so this is why I always go for it.
This pattern is one I used ages ago and possibly the first dress I ever made, the first version I made this in was an art gallery fabric and I made it in a day, I was very happy with the results.

This is the same but with a lightweight denim, I used a contrast fabric for the pockets of which I chose to raise the pockets in this version as my previous dress they were just too low. I also chose not to put the elastic in the back, I just knew this wasn’t going to suit me and I am glad I didn’t.

Sew Caroline Tank Dress

I love the shape of the dress, I like the longer part at the back and the way it curves, there are no darts, no closures and it is just lovely to wear and make. In fact I want to make another one now!

Sew Caroline Tank Dress

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