Me Made May Day 22 – An update on my May makes progress


To finish off the month of May I am a very lucky lady and myself and Mr V are heading off for a week, that means I won’t be around for my daily blog, so I have decided to pre write my blog posts for those days and these will be all about my May Makes. Don’t worry I will still post a sneaky peak of what I have on that day so that I complete the challenge just from another country!

My four makes of May were

  1. My Morris Blazer – I LOVE IT!
    All finished and I am wearing it a lot, I love it so much, I need to take photos and then I will be telling all about the make on the 27th 

 Morris progression

  1. The Clover Trousers! Hummmmm I am having a love hate relationship with those at the moment. If I wasn’t making the as MMMay I may have cast them to the to do later (never) pile. But I know I chose this project to challenge me and they are. So far I have had to up pick the invisible zip and waist band and to a lot of taking in! The full blog post to follow on the 29th

 Clover invisible zip trousers


  1. The Range Back Pack – Finished.

I ALSO love this bag. The colour, size, pattern all of it. I will tell all about this make on the 38th May.


 Lining of the range backpack

  1. My final piece I have chosen they type of fabric over the pattern type as the challenge. Rather than a difficult pattern I have chosen to make the Ogden cami out of A liberty fabric. Which since buying I can’t remember the type but its very soft. I think it’s a silk but it could be a lawn. So far so good with this one but watch out for the blog post all about this top and the fabric on 30th

 Ogden cami

Final my MMMay Handmade item today is the fabulous button earrings! These can me made in any colours and I just love them. I just have far too many!

Button earrings

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