Me Made May day 23 – Jersey Wriggle Skirt

Jersey wriggle skirt   

Another beautiful sunny day in Plymouth and a skirt day it was.

This wriggle skirt I actually took as a pattern from a skirt I already owned.
The fabric I absolutely loved and was a 100% organic cotton stretch by Lillestoff, which I knew I needed in my wardrobe but couldn’t decide what to do with it.

Well I found the perfect project!

I lay my skirt onto some dressmaking paper drew around it and then took it from there, making sure the front and back matched etc.

I used a turned down waist band to insert the elastic and it was a quick and easy project.

I do however seem to always struggle to know what to wear with it but I think this outfit goes pretty well.

Jersey Wriggle skirt Jersey wriggle

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