Me Made May Day 30 – The Ogden Cami

My Ogden Cami

This pattern by True Bias was mentioned to me by a customer and then once she had mentioned it I notice it being made everywhere, all sorts of Ogden Cami’s.

I decided this needed to be the final challenge of may, not because of the pattern, as this was relatively easy but because of the fabric.

I had bought 1 m of Midnight Belgravia Silk Satin from Liberty London when I was there last and I had been waiting for the best project for it.

Midnight Belgravia Silk Sati by Liberty

A perfect MMMmay challenge having never used silk before.

The pattern was nice and easy, download, print at the Artside, a local printer where we have a deal on A0 printing if you mention Make, trace and cut out. All done and good, I thought I would need a lot more pins using this type of fabric but it wasn’t too bad.

The little tiny straps were a little frustrating with the silky fabric to pull through but lucky for me I had a patient customer on hand to do it for me.

I really liked the simplicity of the pattern, the sneaky little straps which slid into place were great. The challenge I had set was the sewing with the silk satin but to be honest that was proving no problem at all.

The Ogden Cami

I had the Cami all put together now and all I had to do was hem and under stitch the under slip to the hem, this is the only part where I didn’t like the top. Well two parts, anyone with slightly larger boobs would find that the under slip down not reach down under your boobs, and the under slip despite being under stitch still didn’t stay under. It kept slipping up, so this is maybe where the fabric was the challenge. I ended up top stitching so that I could wear my lovely new cami, in gorgeous Liberty fabric with a happy smile

The Ogden Cami

In the end I actually made two of these Cami’s and will probably make more, the second one I used the lovely Lady Mc’elroy fabric we have in the shop, I made sure the lining was slightly longer and I topstitched again on this one too. I did make one mistake with this one too not sure how but I cut my front fabric backwards to the part that should have been on the fold was n fact not. This meant I had to do a bit of fitting and trimming of the slip and top, in the end I actually really like it, the neck is totally rounded and the back is into a point so another successful Ogden Cami.


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