Me Made May Day 31 – The challenge is complete

Me Made May Day 31 – The challenge is complete

A few of MMMay

The month of May has seen my really get stuck into my sewing. I said I would make four garments I had not made before, I said I would wear something handmade before and I have writing about this everyday.

I made a full outfit, top, trousers, bag and jacket! 

My Me made may outfit

It has been absolutely fabulous, not only the sewing aspects but the writing about it to. I’m not much of a writer to be honest , that  talent went to my sister, but I have really enjoyed taking the time out and writing about what I have been upto.

I’d like to from now on turn this into a monthly blob post about something I have sewn/made that month and write about what I think about the pattern and the fabric.

The Me Made May challenge has really made me concentrate on projects, taken my skills further and introduced me to new fabrics.

Another part to MMMay I have loved is seeing what everyone has made, getting inspired by everyone and their creations it has been fabulous.

One last thing I brought my whole wardrobe of Me Made garments in and here it is!

My Makes to date

I can’t if I am embarrassed by the amount I have or really chuffed I have made so much, but one thing I sure of is I love wearing all of my own hand made garments. It makes me feel proud.

Thank you all for being a fabulous audience this month and see you in June with my next make!

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